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Getting Started

When/where are practices held?

 All practices are held in the Plainfield North HS Wrestling room. 

 Practice times will be listed on our calendar, but our typical practice schedule is as follows:

 Beginning/Level 1 & Level 2  wrestlers

  • Rookie Practice: 11/05/19 & 11/07/19 6:30-7:30

  • After 11/12:  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:-7:00

 More advanced wrestlers (Level 3)

  • After 11/12:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday  from 6:00-7:45

How much does it cost to join the PWC?

  The PWC is the “best deal in town.”  The cost to join is as follows:

  • Full Member: $300-400(pending on age & tournaments CLICK HERE) (plus $100 lottery fundraiser)

  • 5 tournament Member:  $300 (plus $100 lottery fundraiser)

  • Practice Only Member:  $200(plus $100 lottery fundraiser)

  • Both types of membership require a $50 Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation (IKWF) fee in addition to the membership cost for a wrestling card. Parents must get this https://www.usawmembership.com/login.

  • Sibling Discount: Each sibling after the 1st will get a $25 discount.

How ro choose your PWC membership?

 What is the difference between Full membership and Practice Only Membership?

 Full membership/5 Tournaments includes:
      -Weekly tournament registration fees for any tournaments the club selects to attend. 

      -Full members also receive a PWC team gift
      -Team Wrestling Pictures (Dec 17th)

      -End of the year PWC party

 Practice only membership includes:

      -does not include any tournament fees. 

      -Team Wrestling Pictures

      -End of the year PWC party

 Why Chose Tournaments (SEE our Tournament Days page)

      -It helps kids connect what they do in practice
      -It gives them more of a team atmosphere
      -Gives them rewards for all their practice  

However, if your wrestler would like to participate in any tournament, just let the coaches know and we will add your wrestler to our roster.  You will need to pay the club separately for the fees.

Wrestling Card


 Go to: www.usawmembership.com/login.

 Login to the site above or create a login. Find or create your athlete's profile.

 Pay for your athlete's membership. Also, get your coach's card if you want to coach.



Family Fundraiser(s):

1.  Purchase lottery tickets for $100, when you sell them you keep the money.

     You can purchase a second book for $50 and keep what you sell.

     Each family participates in selling $100 of lottery tickets, not $100 per wrestler.

2.  Contact ALL4ONE Boosters at all4oneboosters@gmail.com

     this is a group that works concessions at area event (Allstate/Amphitheater/Soldier Field/United 

     Center/Chicagoland speedway/Sears Center and more) can make $50-$150+ each event.

The Battle of the Plains:

We also host a wrestling tournament. Every family will need to write a check for $100 made out to PWC. If you help the club set up and run the Battle of the Plains, your check is handed back and NOT deposited. If you fail to participate in the setup and event day, PWC will use your $100 to pay for help. This is a mandatory commitment.



1. Items needed before 1st practice if your wrestler is new to the wrestling team:

         Mail or email a copy of your wrestler's birth certificate to

Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation.

4932 Wilshire Blvd, Country Club Hills, IL 60478

Email: ikwf@ikwf.org

2. PAYMENT can only be made using PAYPAL-unless you set something up with Ryan Weber before

    starting practices. Please open an account if you don't have one. You will need a debit card or bank

    checking account to open an account. ***Checking accounts are the recommended method to link

    with PayPal.  

    PAYMENT QUESTIONS GO TO: Ryan Weber (plainfieldwrestlingclub@gmail.com)



What type of equipment do we need?

All wrestlers must have wrestling shoes and wrestling headgear in order to practice. 

Families have a few options on how to obtain equipment:

  1.  Most major sporting good stores (i.e. Dick's Sporting goods) carry shoes and headgear.

  2.  The PWC offers an "equipment exchange" to interested wrestlers.  Every year, kids who've 

       outgrown their shoes and headgear donate them to the PWC.  We then "loan" them out to any 

       wrestlers who need them.  However, please understand that we don't have an inventory of

       equipment.   It's really more of just a few bins of shoes and headgear that is available on a first

       come basis.

  3.  Play it Again Sports is another great place (call ahead 1st)

What else do we need for practice?

In addition to wrestling shoes and headgear, we do ask the following regarding practices...

  1.  Please bring a full water bottle to practice

  2.  Wrestlers should wear a t-shirt and shorts to practice

  3.  Absolutely no "street" shoes are allowed on the mats. 

  4.  Please do not wear your wrestling shoes outside of the wrestling room. 

       Bring them to/from practice in a duffel bag, and change in the wrestling room.  

Who will my wrestler practice with?

Approximately one week before the season begins, the coaches review all registered wrestlers to determine the best practice group for them.  The factors we take into account are:

  1.  Wrestlers ability/experience

  2.  Wrestlers age

  3.  Available wrestling partners

  4.  Number of wrestlers in the practice group (we need to safely accommodate all wrestlers)

  5.  Any other special circumstances

Singlet & Spiritwear:

  An additional order form will be emailed after you register your athlete(s).

  The first Due date for orders will be October 25th to ensure you have your orders by picture day.

Picture Day:
 Every Season we have Team Pictures taken.

 These are included with your Wrestling fees